How to File a Complaint

Lodging an Allegation(Complaint)  with the NLCHP

As the regulatory body for Registered  Acupuncturists(R. Ac.), Medical Laboratory Technologists (MLT), Respiratory Therapists (RRT), Speech-Language Pathologists (R. S-LP), Audiologists (R.Aud.) and Dental Hygienists (RDH), the NLCHP is responsible under the Health Professions Act (HPA) for serving and protecting the public. The Council does this by ensuring that registrants meet the requirements for registration and uphold the standards of practice and code of ethics for the designated health disciplines.

Members of the public, employers or colleagues with concern(s) about the care/service delivered or the conduct of a health professional designated under the HPA may lodge an allegation (complaint) against the health professional with the Registrar of the NLCHP.

Many issues that arise between a health professional client arise because of misunderstandings, others may arise from genuine errors. Some misunderstandings can be resolved informally but others may require investigations and follow-up by the Council.

If you have concern(s) and if you are comfortable with approaching the health professional, talk to the health professional about that concern. If you are unable to resolve the issue or do not feel comfortable with talking to the health professional seek out the health professional's manager and discuss the situation. If you do not receive satisfaction from your efforts or if you feel that neither of the above options are appropriate you may contact the Registrar of the NLCHP (745-7304 or 1-855-863-8616) for additional  advise and/ or to file  a formal allegation (complaint) against the health professional.

Allegations (complaints) must be in writing and signed by the complainant or solicitor on behalf of the complainant.

For individuals who file a formal allegation (complaint) the Registrar will formally acknowledge your allegation (complaint) and will provide details with respect to the next steps in the review process.