Complaints Authorization

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As the regulatory body for designated health professionals the NLCHP, is responsible under the Health Professions Act (2010), for serving and protecting the public. The Council does this by ensuring that registrants meet the requirements for registration and uphold the standards of practice and code of ethics for their discipline.


CAC (Complaints Authorization Committee)

The CAC is a committee of the Newfoundland and Labrador Council of Health Professionals (NLCHP) under the Health Professions Act (HPA). The NLCHP appoints the committee members and a Chair and Co-Chair are appointed from the committee members. The major functions of the CAC are to receive and resolve allegations of professional misconduct from the public against a health professional following steps outlined in Part V of the HPA.

On receiving allegations that a health professsional has engaged in conduct deserving of sanction (the respondent) that have not been resolved by the Registrar, the CAC may either:

  • refer the allegation back to the Registrar for an investigation or alternative dispute resolution;
  • conduct an investigation itself or appoint a person to conduct an investigation on its own behalf;
  • conduct a practice review into the respondent's practice;
  • require the respondent to appear before it;
  • refer the allegation to the Quality Assurance Commmittee (QAC).

If the CAC is of the opinion that there are reasonable grounds to believe a respondent has engaged in conduct desrving of sanction, the CAC may:

  • counsel of caution the respondent;
  • instruct the Registrar to file a complaint against the respondent and refere the complaint to a Disciplinary Panel;
  • suspend or restrict the respondent's registration.


Health Professional Complaint Process

An allegation process is outlined in a flowchart at the bottom of this section.


Lodging an Allegation (Complaint)

If you as a member of the public, an employer or a colleague, have concern(s) about the care/service delivered or about the professional conduct of a health professional you may lodge an allegation (complaint) against the health professional with the Registrar of the NLCHP.

Many issues that arise between the health professional and the client arise because of misunderstandings, others may arise from genuine errors. Some misunderstandings can be resolved informally but others may require investigations and follow-up by the Council.

If you have a concern(s) and if you are comfortable with approaching the health professional, talk to the health professional about that concern. If you wish to make a complaint regarding the health professional, you may contact the Registrar of the NLCHP (745-7304 or 1-855-863-8616) who will advise you on the complaint process and the procedure required to initiate a complaint against a health professional.

Allegations (complaints) must be in writing and signed by the complainant or solicitor on behalf of the complainant. Please see the NLCHP complaint form.

For individuals who file a formal allegation (complaint) the Registrar will formally acknowledge your allegation (complaint) and will provide details with respect to the next steps in the review process.

NLCHP Complaint Form
Health Professional Complaint Process