NLCHP Pathway to Registration

The NLCHP recognizes the need for an expanded work force of health professionals that includes health professionals trained outside of Canada, or internationally educated health professionals (IEHP).

To assist IEHP candidates with eligibility to register within the jurisdiction of the NLCHP, the NLCHP has developed a pathway for registration that outlines the eligibility process for credential recognition for candidates seeking registration with the NLCHP.

Health professions within the jurisdiction of the NLCHP have endorsed national certification standards and eligibility criteria for national certification to practice in Newfoundland and Labrador. The NLCHP also acknowledges that there are differences in the expectations and competencies, including the education and scope of practice for health professionals from other jurisdictions outside of Canada. If there are significant differences in the training and experience of the IEHP  candidate, the candidate will be required to address these gaps in knowledge through education or other remedial work as part of the registration process.

There are a number of online modules in the Education/Resources tab of this website that will support eligibility to register and practice as a health professional within the NLCHP jurisdiction.

Please access the Pathway link below that depicts two pathways for eligibility and certification for IEHP candidates. For audiologists, dental hygienists, speech-language pathologists and medical laboratory technologists, the eligibility is through the national organizations. See NLCHP website tab National Certification Eligibility.

For midwives, respiratory therapists, and tradional Chinese medicine acupuncturists, the pathway is through NLCHP eligibility and the designated health professional college.



NLCHP Pathway to IEHP Application